07 September, 2011

First Assignment at the Stephen Silver course.

As I said I'm doing the Schoolism course about Character Design with Mr. Stephen Silver. We just started this monday.
Well, first assignment is for the teacher. So he can evaluate our level and how he can help us to improve individual. I hope that at the end of the course I can show you the evolution of my skills due to the Mr. Silver guide.

The Character description was:

NAME: walter chipwitther
WHO: wealthy entrepreneur
AGE: in his 60's 
WHERE: London, 2011
PERSONALITY:  jolly, full of laughter, enthusiastic man happy to be alive and well.
CLOTHING: Wears a bow tie, smoking jacket and monocle
LOOK: Heavy set,  around 5'6", receding hairline

And this is what I did (He wears a Churchill's bow tie). Comments are welcome.


  1. Hala que bueno!:) yo le estuve pensando en meterme en el curso tiene muuuy buena pinta ^^ mucha suerte y si puedes irnos informando como hasta estaría genial!^^ 1 saludo!

  2. ow, man. I wanna make this course to. desire start in december. show us all progress of this curse, ok? will the perfect XD.

    about the character, I liked it! just do not think monocle usual today, and half the shows had a rustic tone to the character.

  3. @Verónica. Claro, iré publicando como va la experiencia. Mr. Silver hombre es un monstruo, se explica muy bien, además puedes ver análisis sobre los trabajos de otros compañeros. Te lo recomiendo ahora y espero seguir pensando igual cuando termine :)

    @Pancho. Yes I will show of course :) The monocle was something in the description. We had to include it in the design. Maybe it was to identify the character as english.