24 August, 2011

Modeling technique and basic hotkeys

 Here a traditional modeling survival kit. It's a video that explains the poly modeling technique for hardsurfaces. But... All the actions and techniques are the same I will show. Author:  Grant Warwick. (Thanks for sharing man!).
He uses 3ds max but you can reproduce the same with other softwares. 90 min. of a complete free tutorial so enjoy and practice before going to organic character.

Modeling technique video.

Depending on software I've different keys. To customize yours It's something basic you should know about your 3d program.

Blender: CTRL+ALT+U show the customize interface menu.
3dsmax: in the Menu Bar: Customize > Customize User Interface. 

The hotkeys I use for modeling with vertex, edges and faces for main actions in 3dsmax:

Loop selection for vertex, edge, face. SHIFT+LEFT CLICK
Ring selection for vertex, edge, face.  SHIFT+LEFT CLICK
(over next edge in the ring direction).
Extrusion for Edge or Face. SHIFT+E
Connect (for edge, vertex the same). V (I choose V by default V is assigned to views menu).
Target Weld for vertex. Q.
Move, Rotate, Scale. W,E,R
Xray view. ALT+X
Isolate. ALT+Q
Soft Selection. CTRL+ALT+Q. (Also assing a hotkey for increase or low the soft selection range CRTL+ALT+MIDDLE CLICK and moving the mouse from left to right does the action for me).
Bridge (for edges). B
Weld vertex. F
Fill face or Cap a hole in 3dsmax. C
Toggle end result on/off. (You use a subdivision modifier to see your work smooth so you will need a key or button to toggle this on/off easy).

Depending on the software you'll have tools more confortable than others and sometimes you've more than one way to do the same action.
For example: in 3dsmax "Target Weld" the last vertex you choose is the weld position for two vertex. 
In Blender you can choose at which position weld the vertex (First, middle or Last) Also you can use the snap tool and automatically weld vertex dragging one to other.

In the next post I will show the main parts of the previous character concept. First of all pay attention to the construction. I maintain volume following the edge loops that I draw over the character sketch.I arrange the geometry and give enough density to it in the right place so it can deform well in animation.  I  go in depth with details on face and body parts.

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