05 August, 2011

3D cartoon creation starts today!

Hi! Today I start showing how to create 3d cartoon characters for animation or illustration. It's a personal project to warm up before I start a cartoon design course with Stephen Silver. That I will follow here in September. Comments are more than welcome and I will answer any question.

This is the concept to start working. An old cowboy.
Here's a profile design...

...and some photo reference to start with the idea.

I will upload a 3/4 view and a full body design ref also.

I work with 3dsmax to create the 3D character but the technique can be followed with any 3d software.
I recommend the open software Blender it's free and a very good tool.

This is what I will show:

-Shortkeys and technique.
-Head modeling and topology.
-Body modeling and topology.
-Modeling complements, as cloth or hard surface objects.

UVS, Textures.
-How to map a character and its objects.
-How to avoid texture distortion with check maps.
-How to paint skin for face texture from scratch.

Lighting and rendering.
-Shaders with basic light studio render.

-How to create realistic hair in 3D.

I hope you enjoy following the updates and maybe learn something interesting.
Let's go!


  1. Hola Luis! Tienes un blog chulísimo, estoy enamorada del zorro plateado!!
    Seguiré de cerca tu nuevo proyecto, seguro que todos aprendemos algo.


  2. Sounds great! Looking forward to your next posts!